3D printing is not a myth anymore, especially when it can print your myths, fantasies and imagination!

I am here not to ask you to plainly use it but see it as a way to improve your lives and foster your dreams. We all have that one chance to make anyone’s day better, be it a smile, a greeting, a hello or a gift and it feels blissful when we actually end up doing that.
That’s what 3D printing did to me and now I am showing you the way, to make your dreams a reality!
The GOBLET OF FIRE is the epitome of good luck, life, happiness and power, and one of my favorite OBJECTS from the HARRY POTTER series’.
An eco-friendly plastic , PLA , is used as a filament for the extrusion printing that happens by Fused Deposition Molding, popularly known as FDM to make objects/ geometries for daily…

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