October Gardening, 1788

Windows into History

The Artist's Garden at Eragny by Pisarro, 1898 The Artist’s Garden at Eragny by Pisarro, 1898

Snippets 95.  In Snippets 93 we looked at some gardening advice for September, from The New British Jewel, or Complete Housewife’s Best Companion, published in 1788, a collection of recipes and other practical information. Reflecting a time where people had to be rather more self-sufficient than today, the book also includes detailed month-by-month instructions about gardening work, divided into section on “flower garden”, “fruit garden” and “kitchen garden”.  Here’s some advice from the same book, but for October.

Work to be done in the flower garden.

Anemonies and ranunculuses should now be planted. Continue to transplant and lay roses and such-like flowering shrubs; and to plant the cuttings of jessamines and honey-suckles. Sow the berries of yew, holly and other evergreens. This is proper time to remove your ananas or pine apples out of the park beds into the above…

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