Creating a Monster

Poet Rummager

Photo by Heriberto Herrera of

I’ve been in a funky mood.

Stay with me for awhile.

I feel so misunderstood.        

Carve me a radiant smile.

Inside, I’m caged and mixed up.

Why must I keep myself contained?

There’s no one else I can trust.

Here – take this knife.

Don’t hesitate – just thrust

it into my belly – deep.

Twist the blade.

Watch as my innards seep

down my skin,

splattering on the floor,

staining your shoes.

Don’t stop –

gut me some more

until I’m free

to express the me

I want to be –




My poem was inspired by the thought of carving pumpkins for Halloween. We’d love to see your jack o’ lantern! If you’d like to enter it into a contest on my other blog, SlasherMonster Magazine, which FlyTrapMan and I have created, then

click HERE to get all the fun…

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