Eight tips to look refreshed and pretty in the morning

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Wake up gorgeous

Rare is the woman who can look at herself moments after waking up in the mirror without wincing. Blotchy skin, puff eyes, dark circles and bed head are just some early morning woes, and no, it’s not a pretty sight. But wait! There’s hope. 
1 Get your beauty sleep
It’s called that for a reason. If you’re a party girl, it’s time to slow thing down a bit and make sure you get your recommended eight hours of shuteye. Getting adequate zzzs is the first step to clearer, smoother skin. A sure sign that you’re not getting enough is bags under the eyes and a pale, worn out complexion when you awake.
2 Change the way your sleep
If you sleep on your stomach, this is the time to roll over NOW! Your head weighs about three kilos and with it pressing down on your…

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