Not so dramatic post

Hello folks ❤

I just opened my blog and what I saw socked me very much, but in a positive way. Dear people…I just got 400 followers! Yaaaay, thank you soooo much,  we are almost on a half to 1k! 😀

Today I feel happy. Not happy in any special or weird way… I’m just happy. I was studying Biology(what was not the best part of the day, no no), and I am kind tired because of it, so I stopped and decided to do something more fun. I feel kinda lazy about the fact that tomorrow is Monday, but hey, it’s probably gonna be a great day filled with many weird and interesting things… I realized that I always hate Mondays on Sunday evenings, but next day I actually like them.

Image result for monday tumblr

On one hand I feel so warm. You know that feeling when you are writing blog on your…

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