How Kanye West Makes Me Enjoy Artists I Normally Wouldn’t

Tangled Up In Music

After all the hype and anti-hype dies down, after all the in-the-moment shocking moves and statements lose their relevance, what will we be left with is simply great music. This is a general rule – many artists that we now consider to be sacred cows used to split the opinions to extremes back in their day. Bob Dylan was booed by fans. New York Dolls were mocked in interviews. Hell, rock ‘n’ roll as a whole was dismissed as just a fad back in the 1950s, with its founders called talentless and unable to either sing or play their instruments. Now I’m not comparing Kanye West to either of those artists, as a positive or as a negative. I’m just saying that the albums themselves are what matters in the long run.

And Kanye has yet to put out a bad one. In the 2000s it seemed like…

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