A Letter To My American Friends…


I have something to admit.

I’ve failed you.

In the past I’ve consciously not talked about: politics, religion, or world events; on my blog or anywhere else for that matter.  I rationalized this choice in a few ways: I did not want to exclude any of my audience, and I felt unqualified to comment (I am, first and foremost an artist, so who the fuck am I to talk about this stuff anyway?)

But I’ve realized that really, deep down I was just afraid.  I had fear about putting what I really think and feel out into the world.  So I kept quiet.  And I was wrong to.

I was wrong because the first and last responsibility of the artist is: to tell the truth and be unafraid and in this I failed.

But failure is not an endpoint – as long as you pick yourself up, learn from…

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