L.T. Garvin

Two fortresses rise up

in the shared light

of a restless moon

opposite ends of town

these warriors roll

with a leather bound sword

passing, running, plotting

like conquering Romans

in their helmets and pads

shooting for at least a D2 school

living the largeness of sports heroes.

Cheerleader pow-wow

disbanding like colorful Skittles

little queens of the air and pyramids

on fleek eyelashes

flutter slyly

at broken hearted boys

perfect braids and waistlines

while gods of inertia

and love and loss

laugh out loud.

Fan boys saunter sidelines

painted faces

power walking in Jordan’s.

Embracing this heated war

these two citadels

date back

to the building and tearing

of schools

integration, state titles and records

bleeding gold and black

bleeding red and black.

Every autumn brings the trial

every year closes a chapter

every person chooses their team

every dream tumbles down….

all hinging on

goal posts and glory.

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