This Date In New York Central Railroad History


Below is a feature we have done in the past. We take « This Date In NY Central History » which is published by Mark Tomlonson ; then add links and pictures that we find. Yes, you can add comments to our blog !

July 22, 1920 William K. Vanderbilt dies. His son, Harold S. Vanderbilt inherits half of his father’s fortune and takes the family seat on the New York Central Board. He was Chairman of the Board until he was ousted by Robert Young in a stock proxy battle.

July 22, 1942 The United States begins compulsory civilian gasoline rationing due to World War II. The rationing will cause rail ridership, which has been in a steady decline since 1916, to markedly increase. This increase will cause many railroads to invest heavily in new passenger equipment after the war.

July 23, 1966 In a combination publicity stunt and test of how track…

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