The world is not a commodity worth arguing over…&… Dünya öyle bir metâ (mal) değil ki, nizâa (kavgaya) değsin. ~Hafiz of Shiraz


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The tranquillity of both worlds lies in the understanding of these two words: generosity towards friends, forbearance towards enemies.

İki cihanın da istirahatı (huzuru), şu iki sözün tefsirinden ibarettir: Dostlara mürüvvet (iyilik yapmak), düşmanlarla geçim!

~Hafiz of Shiraz


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Veterans in the News, What Is Bernie Doing? Hillary In Trouble


There is that sly little Hillary “smirk” again! “I’m perfect, vote for me”

Now we have Mr. Trump raising $5.6 million for Veterans. But nobody is talking about adequately funding the Veteran’s Administration.

But I do not want either of them to be anywhere near the Presidency of the United States.

What does money for veterans groups got to do with the Presidency? They are just like any other civic action group. My boss is a VETERAN. He belongs to no groups, hates the veterans administration, but is a kind and giving person. He has had to fight a battle against chemical poisoning by Montsano all by himself. VA “out to lunch”.

Yes, we know the political press is tough and sometimes anti-everything. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE.

Hillary had expected a stroll in the park to her anointment as Democratic candidate for president. But Bernie Sanders has made her…

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Leadership – D Day

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Heroism takes many forms, but the most raw and inspiring comes in war. In all of American history no moment has crystallized more clearly than the invasion of Normandy, exemplified most clearly on Omaha beach. The stories are horrifying and inspiring, but ultimately they are lessons – examples of heroism which inspire the value of leadership deep in head and heart both.

What is less commonly understood about Omaha Beach is how much it all went wrong. Nearly everything about this landing went as horribly off plan as possible, with thousands dying needlessly. The beach was almost abandoned as the loss of life mounted. What made the difference that day was leadership – courage boiled down into conviction to get the job done. It was shown at every level from every man who took part in the mission and rose above the problems.

Omaha Beach is a lesson for all…

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Would it really be that bad?

Shrey's Notepad

Note: I’m really sorry for not having published an article for the last month or so; as many of you know, I’ve been heavily burdened by iGCSEs and so cannot write with the same frequency as I have done in the past year. Come June 17, however, I’ll be sure to write weekly once again!

Make no mistake, we’re going to take a pummelling economically if we choose to leave the European Union. At this point, barely anyone disagrees with that. The only question is how much damage will we truly sustain if we leave the Union. In all honesty, the true answer to that is that no one really knows, but the extent of the scaremongering by the “Remain” campaign has been frankly unprecedented and illogical, with Cameron and co seeming to liken leaving the organisation to shaking hands with the devil himself. In a referendum which the Prime…

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East 96th Street UES Station Had 300K More Commuters in 2015, MTA Says


UPPER EAST SIDE — More people are traveling through the East 96th Street subway station than ever before, according to Metropolitan Transportation Authority data.

While other Upper East Side stations saw a slight change in commuters in 2015 compared with 2014, the 96th Street station, which only services the 6 train, saw more than a 5 percent jump in weekly ridership, the numbers show.

The station, which was the 44th busiest in the city in 2015, saw a 4.2 percent jump in annual ridership. That’s 336,525 more commuters than in 2014, the MTA says.

Weekly numbers followed — the station had roughly 28,000 riders each week or about 1,500 more than in 2014, which is a 5.8 percent jump — setting it at the 41st busiest station in the city in terms of weekly ridership.

Since 2014, the Upper East Side saw total increases in annual and weekly ridership at the 86th and 96th street stations, but slight decreases at…

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Rango (2011)


A green reluctant hero…but he’s sometimes orange, purple, yellow or blue. But no matter what color he’s in, he’s definitely the one who will light the way in our darkest hour!


Paramount Pictures in association with Blind Wink Productions, Industrial Light & Magic, GK Films and Nickelodeon Movies present…

People are talking, discussing, debating on what great films are in for the week, they even mentioned a certain superhero in Green…

Calling the Owl Amigos…music please!

Introducing Rango!!!

The film starts off with Rango with friends (ehem!) doing a play or whatever fills his void, floats his boat! His monologue of his adventures was one of the best I’ve seen, until the accident gave him the real adventure he was looking for! While trying to stay alive and conversing with an old armadillo named Roadkill voiced by Alfred Molina (Nothing Like the Holidays), he wanders off to the desert searching…

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