Can Black Voters Disobey the Democratic Party?


About fifteen years ago, I spoke with a young African American woman who was a Congressional aide on Capitol Hill. As we spoke, I extolled the virtues of the Democratic Party’s relationship with black leaders and the African American community. I pointed to the vibrant Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) as evidence of the empowerment of African American leadership in America. But she had a funny look on her face that gave me pause.

In a moment she said, “You know, Capitol Hill is the greatest plantation of all. The hours we work, the wages we get, what is expected of us, the whole system – it’s crazy.”

Every presidential election, African American voters turn out in numbers above ninety percent to vote for the Democratic candidate, like clockwork. The reason for that was succinctly summed up by the father of former Republican congressman J.C. Watts Jr., J.C. (Buddy) Watts Sr…

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7 (Really Hard) Interview Questions You Must Answer Properly


Getting the interview is hard enough. Don’t blow your chances by saying the wrong thing.

Interviewing isn’t easy. The employer is the customer and you’re the business-of-one trying to prove you’re the best service provider for their job. Studies show it costs a company as much as 130-140 percent of your salary to hire you. That includes things like benefits, taxes, training, etc. The stress of choosing the right candidate worries hiring managers. The result is a series of intense interview questions designed to let them “kick the tires and look under hood” before they invest.

Behavioral questions = Let them inside your head.

Hiring managers often use behavioral questions in an interview in an attempt to have you reveal your true professional self. These are open-ended questions designed to make you give longer answers. Your answers will demonstrate your personality, aptitude, and experience level. These three things matter greatly to employers who…

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Highlighting Western Victims While Ignoring Victims of Western Violence


American cable news has broadcast non-stop coverage of the horrific attack in Brussels. Viewers repeatedly heard from witnesses and from the wounded. Video was shown in a loop of the terror and panic when the bombs exploded. Networks dispatched their TV stars to Brussels, where they remain. NPR profiled the lives of several of the airport victims. CNN showed a moving interview with a wounded, bandage-wrapped Mormon American teenager speaking from his Belgium hospital bed.

(photo: CNN)

All of that is how it should be: That’s news. And it’s important to understand on a visceral level the human cost from this type of violence. But that’s also the same reason it’s so unjustifiable, and so propagandistic, that this type of coverage is accorded only to Western victims of violence, but almost never to the non-Western victims of the West’s own violence.

A little more than a week ago, as Mohammed Ali Kalfood reported in The Intercept

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What The L.A. Times Missed In Their Story About Declining Metro Ridership


The Los Angeles Times‘ front page Wednesday declared, provocatively, that despite the billions of dollars invested into Southern California mass-transit, fewer people are using the system than were in the 1980s.

The piece touched off a firestorm of conjecture asking why this might be the case, and whether or not we should continue collectively pouring billions into a transit system people seem to be leaving. This is not a new issue. L.A. Weekly covered the issue briefly last October, with similar conclusions as the L.A. Times piece yesterday.

But the Times’ piece did spur advocates of Los Angeles’ transit ecosystem to rise to the defense of public transit, explain why there might be a decline and point out faults with the Times’ reporting.

What the Times Missed

Ethan Elkind, a faculty member at UCLA Law School and author of the seminal transit history of Los Angeles Railtown

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What We Wore Wednesday

2 Classy Sisters

Rachel’s Look


| Express Cardigan | Express Tank Top | American Eagle Jeggings | Dillard’s Riding Boots | Tory Burch Bracelet |

Today is a casual day for me, I just had class and some studying to do for an upcoming exam. Since I didn’t have a lot going on I didn’t feel the need to wear anything too exciting today. I went with a cozy open cardigan with minimal accessories and my one of my favorite pairs of riding boots. Sometimes it’s nice to have those days when you don’t need to dress up!


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7 Easy LinkedIn Tweaks That Boost Your Web Presence


As the world’s largest professional network–it has more than 400 million members–LinkedIn is one of the best locations to market your business, network to find new opportunities, and land clients.

I like to think of LinkedIn as your online résumé and one of the first places that someone goes before meeting you in person.

Because of the power that LinkedIn possesses, it’s vital that you stand out there by having a top-notch page that showcases your talents, expertise, and personality. You can actually accomplish this feat by implementing the following seven tweaks.

1. Optimize your profile

This should be a no-brainer, yet it’s an area that remains commonly overlooked. The best place to start is by completely filling out every section of your profile, having an updated and professional-looking photograph, and a unique headline that briefly describes why you’re so awesome.

Besides those basic tips, complete your summary…

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E-tailer Amazon reshaping logistics as we know it


First changed the way we shop. Now it’s changing the way we ship.

In the past few months, Amazon has moved openly and aggressively to increase its reach, capabilities and capacity in the logistics and distribution arena. The Seattle-based company purchased thousands of trailers blazoned with Amazon logos in the U.S., registered as a non-vessel-operating common carrier to better manage the flow of goods from China to the U.S. and leased 20 U.S. domestic cargo planes from Air Transport Services Group.

Across the U.S., Amazon fulfillment and sortation centers and smaller Amazon Prime Now hubs and Amazon Fresh grocery delivery stations are mushrooming. Through a mobile phone application, Prime Now offers two-hour delivery of select items for free to Amazon Prime members in more than 25 U.S. metropolitan markets. One-hour delivery costs $7.99.

Amazon is expanding rapidly in Europe, building a delivery and fulfillment network country by country, and…

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