Outsourced to Avoid Regulations: The Disturbing Truth About How US Airlines Maintain Their Planes


In the last decade, most of the big U.S. airlines have shifted major maintenance work to places like El Salvador, Mexico, and China, where few mechanics are F.A.A. certified and inspections have no teeth.

ot long ago I was waiting for a domestic flight in a departure lounge at one of the crumbling midcentury sheds that pass for an American airport these days. There were delays, as we’ve all come to expect, and then the delays turned into something more ominous. The airplane I was waiting for had a serious maintenance issue, beyond the ability of a man in an orange vest to address. The entire airplane would have to be taken away for servicing and another brought to the gate in its place. This would take a while. Those of us in the departure lounge settled in for what we suspected might be hours. From the window I watched…

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9 Ways Introverts Can (Quietly) Outperform All the Loud People Around Them


How can introverts become successful when it seems the world only has time to listen to those who shout the loudest?

Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talkinghas been a bestseller ever since it was first published back in 2012. Cain also recently launched Quiet Revolution, which she describes as “a mission-based company that offers parenting and educational services to unlock the power of introverts.”

She recently did an “ask me anything” event on Product Hunt. Here are 10 highlights of what she had to say about how introverts can succeed and find happiness in a world dominated by louder voices.

1. Learn to take risks.

“It’s easier to take risks in the service of something or someone you really care about. Professor Brian Little speaks of our “core personal projects”–the projects and people we place at the center of…

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Why Your Life Sucks: And what you can do about it. By Alan Cohen

Vincent Wambua

Today I feel super generous, thrilled and excited to share mind blowing success skills that I picked from one of my best reads this year :“Why your Life Sucks.” I had been undergoing wild soul ranging moments for the past few weeks and took an initiative of seeking a concrete solution which I could both apply succinctly and rapidly so as to rectify and place into alignment few aspects which were almost turning bizarre. Today I share with you some of those key nuggets which saved my day. Well, at time life can dare suck! This book has simple practical ideas on how you can effectively circumnavigate your life despite the looming springboards of irky moments. Enjoy!

why your life sucks


1. The 10 Reasons

Why your life might suck.

2. Radio station “KNOW”

Tune in!

3. Gold Fish & Bonzi Trees

And you.

4. Your Thought Bouncer

Put him to work.

5. Turn on…

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Comets 4 vs. Amerks 2

Don’t usually put player at top two days in a row; but Mike Zalewski IS a New Hartford native.


Down 2-0 early at the Utica Memorial Auditorium, Michael Zalewski and the Utica Comets stormed back for a 4-2 win vs the Rochester Americans on Saturday night. For the second consecutive night Zalewski netted two goals, including the game-winning goal.

Hunter Shinkaruk (1-0-1), Mike Zalewski (2-1-3) and Jon Landry (1-2-3) scored goals for the Comets and Joe Cannata stopped 20 saves en route to the win.

Back at The AUD for the first time in two weeks, the Comets had their work cut out for them as the Amerks jumped out to a two goals within the first five minutes of the contest.

With the first period coming to an end, Shinkaruk scored his 17th goal of the season with 4:09 remaining in the period. After he received a pass from Jon Landry, Shinkaruk wristed a shot through traffic and into the net. The goal was also assisted by…

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Monthly Favourites; January 2016

Hannah Crossley


Looking back January has gone so fast but at the same time so slow (do you know what I mean?!), It feels like christmas was years ago, when actually it was only a month ago; YES A MONTH AGO, thats crazy..

January isn’t my most favourite month, as the same for some of you, it’s cold, miserable, dark & I spent the whole time wishing I was on holiday.

I haven’t had that many favourites this month but have rekindled my love for a few things .. lets crack on.

First lets start with gel nails, as you may have seen I put my Sensationail Kit in my December favourites here & a tutorial here. I have been loving two colours, the first one is Ravashing Rose by Sensationail, it’s a very light pink which I feel is so pretty for this time of year (me…

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5 Ways Mentally Strong People Conquer Self-Doubt


Insecurity kills more dreams than lack of talent does. Believing things like “I’ll never get promoted” or “I can’t compete with the other businesses” will turn your self-doubt into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

All of us experience self-doubt sometimes, no matter how confident we are. But, mentally strong people don’t let self-doubt prevent them from reaching their goals. Here’s how to keep self-doubt from holding you back.

1. Embrace a little self-doubt.

Don’t worry about a little self-doubt, because slight insecurity could actually bolster your performance. A 2010 study published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that individuals who experienced a little self-doubt actually performed better compared with people who were completely confident in their skills. Other studies have found similar results.

So rather than waste energy worrying that your self-doubt is really a sign from the universe warning you that you’re about to fail, recognize that self-doubt can be helpful…

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With help from Penney Vanderbilt