Illustrated Blogger Interview Challenge

Making memories

Aquileana from La Audacia de Aquiles  nominated me for the Blogger Interview Challenge.  Thank you so much for considering me!


I am following Aquileana’s  blog for more than a year, and I always re-read her posts because we both share the love for Mythology, for the times when Gods mingled with people, and ” the World was younger than today”. Aquileana is doing a thorough research on her subject, and her posts are always adorned with beautiful art and poetry. I invite you  all to visit La Audacia de Aquiles blog – you will want to follow  🙂

Now the interview. To make it more fun, I illustrated it with my images. These are the questions:

How did you get into blogging?

Since the time the Internet was invented, I have always dreamed of having a space  where I could share my experiences, memories and, sometimes, opinions. When I visit a…

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