New York Central Snow Blower

Getting to be that time when railroads see snow.

How many jet snow blowers were there? Apparently quite a few. In reading this GE Reports installment in which they talk with the former NY Central assistant director of technical research Don Wetzel (of Jet RDC fame), I discovered Wetzel personally designed and held the patents on the jet snow blowers. He told GE the blowers had been used on railroads all over the U.S.  Wetzel mentioned — in connection with the Jet RDC but I’m sure this also applies to the snow units — that the J47 turbojet engine is rated at a powerful 5,000 hp. Another factor was cost. About 30,000 J47 engines were produced between 1948 and 1956 (when the engine went out of production), so by 1960 serviceable engines could be acquired on the surplus market at reasonable prices.

One of Mr. Wetzel’s creations (X29493) is shown at the top.

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