Momentary ideals


Title: Heated ideas

I find myself constantly dehydrated from thinking.

Fuel for my thoughts and dreams.

Sadness, low self esteem?

Might just need a glass of water.

I drink so much to float my thoughts.

Title: I want those same feelings on repeat.

It may be wrong. It may not be right. I hate the feelings I am feeling tonight. It is like I have a hit some angry brick wall. Maybe all that study is making me frustrated. Like when I leave the house I just want to get back into my angry room and sit there in doubt staring at the wall wishing it would paint itself.


Title: So do I just keep pushing through on this?

I feel lost as though I have so much to do and all I am doing is standing still not even recognising the people around me. I write, paint and…

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Barry Chapter One, Parts I – X

Dougstuber's Blog

I, Barry, took three rides and a long walk to make it from Rochester to Canandaigua.  I was told by my cousin’s husband, a noted child psychologist and researcher who developed the tests needed to diagnose mental disorders in blind, deaf or both adolescents, to just leave his office and go to where I wanted to be.  It’s hard to believe he didn’t realize how distressed I was, but I felt a type of freedom I never would have allowed myself at the time.

So I caught a ride down Elmwood Avenue from John’s office (appropriately 118 steps from Canon’s, John’s favorite watering hole, a place that also served a divine Welsh rarebit and steaks).  The couple who picked me up was young.

“Where you headed young man?” he asked as the car made it through intersections heading east-south-east past the “State Hospital” which is a catch-all for the mentally…

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What actor/actress would play you in the story of your life?

The Lonely Author

Hola. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who supported me last week through a crazy week of posting excerpts of my manuscripts. Your reactions and comments about my work and ideas, inspired me to plow forward on my quest toward publication.

One interesting thing that did occur; so many people suggested actors to play different roles. That is a game I often play with my family.

When I wrote The Executioner’s Diary, I thought of a younger Antonio Banderas as the perfect actor to play the role of a Cuban refugee turned hit man.  I once mailed him and his representatives a copy of my screenplay; but never heard back from them.

The role of Veyda in Paradox was written for Kate Beckinsale. With the few remaining humans accepting their dismal fate; Veyda is the tough soldier who refuses to believe humanity will become extinct. After watching…

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Dandyfunk and Slumgullion (Guest Post 9)

Windows into History

The following guest post article has been kindly contributed by Geoffrey A. Pocock, author of Outrider of Empire: The Life and Adventures of Roger Pocock (University of Alberta Press) and One Hundred Years of the Legion of Frontiersmen (currently out of print).  His own blog can be viewed at and his website is

roundthehorn Cover image from “Round the Horn Before the Mast” by Basil Lubbock

The modern traveller is used to eating recognisable and safe food wherever he or she visits in the world. Even in the less visited countries no one is surprised to find there is a McDonalds or similar fast food outlet to feed them from more or less the same menu as in any British or North American city. Likewise the traveller expects clean hot and cold water and at least basic toilet facilities. Not so for the traveller in late Victorian and Edwardian…

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The Renegade Press

‘This is hell. You bought a candle to burn?’
-Keith Buckley.

I’ve been thinking about my own morality a lot lately. I’ve had a pretty frustrating case of writers block and whenever I do I start to contemplate the space in time I’ll occupy between birth and death. I get caught up in a mindset of frustration and start thinking about the choices I’ve made, opportunities I’ve missed, and how I will spend the moments I’m still yet to experience. To be frank, I hate when I get like this. I’m fucking petrified of growing older and knowing that I’ll one day kick the bucket causes my anxiety levels to skyrocket until my heart is hammering in my chest and I become short of breath.

I guess a large part of the anxiety I experience comes from the fact that I feel as though I still have so much I…

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