Where I Come From

DoubleU = W

I come from a long line of dysfunction

I come from far too frequent tragedy

I come from a lack of affection

I come from a hard scrabble bunch

I come from places of anger

I come from familial subterfuge

I come from brazen theft

I come from ignorant hatred

I come from narcissism

I come from the better than thou

I come from a place of buried feelings

I come from a place I mostly hate

I come from a place to which

I choose not to return


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75 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Dumb

How many of these do you get wrong?

Using the right word can matter. Using the wrong word can matter even more. I once lost a potential writing gig because I used “who” instead of “whom” in a proposal letter.

(And I still have trouble getting “who” and “whom” right.)

Even just one incorrectly used word–especially when you’re trying to make a great impression–can ruin everything. Is that unfair? Yes… but it does happen.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, I’ve collected some of the most common incorrectly used words from other posts into one epic post. (Thanks to all the readers along the way who offered their own examples, many of which are included here.)

Here we go.

Europe Trip – PART II: Copenhagen and Vienna


Hello Guys,
  Happy Thursday!!! I hope your week is going well!!! Omg…I am so excited tomorrow is Friday!!! And plus this weekend is a long weekend, Whoop-Whoop!!!
  Thanksgiving Day is coming to Canada and for people in the USA – Columbus Day!!!YAY…So let’s all have fun!!!
I am not sure about Europe, but still I really hope that we all will have a great time!!!
As I promised, today is my Part II: “Trip to Europe – Copenhagen and Vienna”
  Copenhagen – Denmark’s capital , home to the royal family’s and of course “One of the Happiest Nation’s”
 Featured imageFeatured image
  Who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful royal city and when I tell you royal, you better believe me…But if you have only $ 100 in your pocket – this city is not for you!!! I wouldn’t even say it’s for me earthier, but since we have…

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Former U.S. POWs Visit Japan

Pacific Paratrooper


On 12 October 2015, 9 US former prisoners of war returned to Japan for a Memorial Service – 

View their 2 minute video Here!

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Nine former American servicemen who were held as prisoners during World War II were in Japan on Monday to revisit some of the places where they were held seven decades ago and recount their memories.

The men, all in their 90s, opened their tour with a memorial service for their fellow fallen soldiers at the Commonwealth War Graves in Yokohama, near Tokyo.

As they marked the 70th anniversary of the end of the war, the emphasis was on reconciliation.

George Rogers, of Lynchburg, Va., said he had no hard feelings. Now 96, he was taken captive by the Japanese after surviving the infamous Bataan Death March in April 1942 and forced to work at the Yawata steel plant in southern Japan, or today’s…

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Sherley Sherly. Scenario 3. Dangerous Mission Liquidated.

Joëlle Jean-Baptiste – Author

Dear readers,

This is a new article 5 of the film series Sherley Sherly, entitled: Dangerous Mission liquidated.

Here is an extract:

Kytty Bloom had a very clear mission. The Neutralizing, Lucie Richard, her rival in the group, would solve some of its problems. (…) She had to do it in two phases.
The first was a stunning coordinated. The group had raced to the hospital …
She would fill honored his contract and then change your identity. Her friend, Meï Diedya, was able to relay. This excellent shooter, hunter, mercenary, did not tremble clearly at the time to complete its victims in Role-Playing Game. However, she failed to tell her, that this was not a game… They had clashed in Oxus mercilessly (…). Diedya had debts to pay, and how best to do was honor in accepting this Dangerous Mission liquidated that would prove of dead …
It was…

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By the Mighty Mumford


By the clock, one-forty AM.

And Saturday’s coming when…

Kids dressed as ghouls

(Riding toad stools?)

On neighbors’ candy supplies descend!

The candy’s been on the shelves months,

Ready for distribution just once…

Unless one counts

After Halloween discounts,

When folks stock up on amounts.

Pumpkin and candy corn

For Thanksgiving are reborn…

But candy eyeballs

For some appalls,

By Christmas that joke is well-worn!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Why Out-of-Stock Inventory May Kill Electronic Businesses this Holiday Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, electronics retailers couldn’t be in a better position to make record breaking sales, exceeding the $1 trillion earned in 2014.  Electronics make ideal gifts, and electronic stores are one of the largest revenue generating distributors, accounting for 13.6% of all holiday sales. However, OEMs won’t cash in unless they have the right omnichannel infrastructure in place.

Electronics constitute one of the leading purchases made for dads, and accounted for 20% of Father’s Day sales this past June. With the rise of tablets, mobile phones and wearables, retailers can expect this category to grow. While 2015 looks at sustained growth with these product lines, Steve Koenig, senior director at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), advises not to overlook other electronics that are also predicted to be big for business. Koenig explained, “Consumer decisions to replace their TVs at home with Ultra HD 4K units should provide a much-needed boost to the TV industry, while new smartwatches and other high-tech wearables will also expand that growing category this year.”

In the news, Apple has already created fierce demand with the launch of its latest rendition of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.  To address this frenzy, Apple executives released a statement that online orders have been “exceptionally strong and exceeded our own forecasts for the preorder period.  We are working to catch up as quickly as we can, and we will have iPhone 6s Plus as well as iPhone 6s units available at Apple retail stores when they open next Friday.”

It’s not only smart phone and tablet producers that will go through this inventory and production pressure. The CEA advises that while total shopping category continues to grow, the channels that consumers shop across have changed drastically, leading to the introduction of omnichannel shopping.


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