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Ezra Pound Portrait by FcoGoya From pinterest.com Ezra Pound
Portrait by FcoGoya
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Well, after three years of episodic and often painful reading, I have finally finished “The Cantos” by Ezra Pound. The ordeal, and that’s exactly what it was, has left me with one mind-drumming question. Why the hell did I ever put myself through such torture?

All I can say is that he’d always struck me as an exotic, an enigmatic character, and, at the outset, I figured that reading a work which took him more than fifty years to write would surely reveal the hidden autobiographical essence of the man.

I admit to no credentials as a literary reviewer. I am merely a reader with a fondness for poetry. But having labored through Pound’s epic, I can’t conscientiously move on without first saying something of the experience. So, for what they are worth, I offer a few brief, albeit highly personal, conclusions.


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White Cliffs NSW

The Raven's Nest

White Cliffs Land

Souls rooted in pure passion seem to be populating this gorgeous land where the sky takes its full dimension and the earth has the shades of life. It took us 2 full days to reach White Cliffs. Many like us do this journey to central NSW in search of a place just out of an adventure novel from the beginning of the 19 century. Reality is better.

You have to be a dreamer at the base to go fossicking, looking for the one gem that can make you rich. There is a fever in digging in the rocks to capture layers of glow in a rough surface. Each stone has its own value its weight of hopes and expectations. It captures the imagination of the miner before the one of the buyer.

You also have to be a dreamer to want to go to the Outback but…

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Sharing Loss – Please Help Spread The Word!



I have shared a number of experiences that have been about loss. Unfortunately, when you get older, you have more experiences watching the achievements of a life’s work and loves dissolve.  There are many types of loss and a personal friend of mine has been going through a very difficult time.  I just needed to share my experience and thoughts. Over these posts I have often mentioned working at local music stores and the benefit of knowing some awesome people. One of the friends I worked with for years and formed a great partnership “co-owning” the music store with all those years ago has had a devastating loss. As social media is …. he found out from friend’s texts and e-mails that while he was traveling, his house burnt down. His job is demanding and a lot of people depend on him to be there. He could not get home and…

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Borneo? More like Bro-meo.


Having made the decision to leave Malaysia as abruptly as I had made the decision to start working there in the first place, I had some unfinished business to settle. And by business I mean Borneo and by settle I mean visit and immerse myself in the romantic ideals I had of this secluded island. Fortunately for me, two buddies of mine were at hand to join me on this last adventure / sunset bromance. One was a British lad named Patrick with a hilarious fear of birds and the other was a giant Australian named Sacha who sought to satisfy his life long obsession with proboscis monkey.

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I Astronaut



Through conception we arrived on this planet, Mother Earth- we call it. We haven’t a clue from whence we came and where we’re going. But like that astronaut, who travels beyond our sky, we are explorers. We are the eyes of an intelligence that can never be duplicated. And with these eyes we should explore. We should seek a basic understanding of man and his habitation. We should ask questions like; what should we eat? What should we do? What should we strive for? How can we get the best living out of this thing called the body, that our spirit has been attached to? We should be relentless in our observations like the absorption of a sponge, taking in nothing but the best nourishment for our bodies and our minds.

At some time in the past every man was on a quest to find himself. But somewhere, somehow, we…

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