Cedar Hill Yard In New Haven Today

Yes we have covered the old Cedar Hill Yard in New Haven.

But’s try and find what remains.

New York, New Haven & Hartford RR: East New Haven Shops with Roundhouse in foreground. East New Haven, New Haven Co., CT. (Not on NEC). – Northeast Railroad Corridor, Amtrak Route between New York/Connecticut & Connecticut/Rhode Island State Lines, New Haven, New Haven County, CT

Today it is hard to grasp how large Cedar Hill was — the aerial photo shows only a tiny fraction of the yard, maybe about 5 per cent.  The only part of the classification yards that shows in the photo is part of the old westbound departure yard along the top of the photo.  The two hump yards and the main classification, receiving and departure yards are well out of the picture to the northeast extending over five miles.  There was room for 11,000 cars on the 95 miles of yard track.

This map will show what is in place of the engine house, round house etc. 

That is the coal tower at the bottom of the picture.

Around 1925 when it was opened Cedar Hill was the largest complex of classification yards east of the Mississippi.  I don’t know for how long it enjoyed that distinction. Can you just imagine trying to build this today? On now protected wetlands etc. disturbing some turtle fish or lizard?

Can anyone shed some light on how the old electrics (0150s, 0350s, 0360s) were serviced at Cedar Hill, if at all?  I seem to recall photographs showing EF3s & EP4s on tracks near (north of) the roundhouse area.  Somewhere I read that there was a track going around the rear of the roundhouse(s) for electric locomotives.  If true, was this before or in conjunction with the motor storage facility west of NH Union Station? 

With regard to the question about servicing electric motors at Cedar Hill the Cedar Hill Motor Storage was closed about 1957 or so.  After that the remaining freight motors were operated light down to New Haven Motor Storage for sand and inspections.  Up until the time that the facility was closed they serviced all of the electric freight power at that location and that would include 150’s, jeeps and Westinghouse motors as well as any other motors that might have been used on a freight train during this period.

Around the horn

More of the Old Yard


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