Return of Albany’s “Night Boat”



Picture (undated, from the Library of Congress) shows the “Night Boat” from New York City docked in Albany. Everything is different in the picture except the Livingston Avenue Bridge in the background that still carries AMTRAK between New York City and Chicago.
Up until 1941, The “Night Boat” from New York City to Albany could carry 2,000 passengers. It ended an era in American history of grand boats with staterooms, ballrooms, etc running up and down the Hudson River. Passengers could be young couples on a weekend trip, couples evading detection by spouses, “ladies of the evening”, etc. There was even a Broadway farce in the 1920’s called the “Night Boat“.
But by 1941, everybody was in a hurry. You could make the trip by car, train or even airplane. Saratoga horse racing and gambling was slowing down as more options opened up near NY City. So when…

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1920s’ engineering a solution for derelict railroad bridge

How simple is the solution — over the debate about the Florida East Coast Railway’s 90-year-old derelict bridge over the Loxahatchee River and its effects on traffic and, more important, emergency response times for police and fire rescue?

One simply has to drive south to Bahia Honda Key and view what is remaining of the old Bahia Honda bridge and Flagler’s railroad, which delivered people all the way to Key West. It involves vehicular traffic traversing the top of the bridge and train traffic traversing below, on tracks attached to the bridge superstructure.
This was 1920s engineering intellect. Why wouldn’t this be possible on the U.S. 1 bridge? I think All Aboard Florida, with its absurd bankroll and passenger predictions, wouldn’t have a problem financing it.
Bahia-Honda Bridge
Bahia-Honda Bridge
The Bahia Honda Rail Bridge is a derelict railroad bridge in the lower Florida Keys connecting Bahia Honda Key with Spanish Harbor Key. Originally part of the Overseas Railway, the state of Florida purchased it from the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) after the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane and converted it for automobile use as part of the Overseas Highway in 1938.After a replacement Bahia Honda Bridge was opened in 1972, two spans of the bridge were removed to accommodate boat traffic.

Maryland to add MARC Camden Line service between Baltimore, D.C.

Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) and University of Maryland officials next week will mark the start of expanded train service on the MARC Camden Line between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

The inaugural train from Washington’s Union Station first will arrive in the morning March 9 at the College Park station and then travel to the Camden Station in Baltimore.

The additional service is being offered “in response to requests to handle increased ridership,” MTA officials said in a press advisory.

The additional service will improve transportation connections between the University of Maryland’s campuses at College Park and Baltimore, they said.

The travel connection improvements come at a time when the campuses are seeking ways to expand teaching and research projects as part of the MPowering State initiative to boost the university’s economic impact on the state.


Todd Gould: Where he has been, What he is up to; Where he is going

(Pictured above is Todd Gould vacationing on the French Riviera in Nice France)

The Accredited Standards Committee X12 (ASC X12), has installed directors forthe 2015–2017 term to provide leadership in the development of cross-industry e-business standards that improve business process interoperability and facilitate business information exchange.Newly-elected directors include:Todd Gould,CEO, Loren Data Corp

Since I entered in the EDI industry in 1996, I have not seen a more promising time to be in this market. The GXS era was an unfortunate disruption to the natural growth of a networked market; however, under the new management of OpenText opportunity is back. Now that we avoided the apocalypse, it is time for us, the leaders of the industry, to deliver the next generation of B2B automation. In the coming months Loren Data will begin rolling out the next evolution of the EDI VAN, one that is more user and developer friendly, more extensible and a … Continue reading

Loren Data was founded by Todd Gould in 1987 as a custom business software development company. In 1992 Loren Data was awarded an Air Force contract to develop a purchasing system. One of the requirements was to interface this system with the DOD FACNET EDI system. Loren Data then developed World-Wide EDI for defense contractors to interface with FACNET on the supplier side, which was certified for use in 1997. After establishing the first commercial interconnects for Loren Data Corp, it became apparent that there existed a niche market to provide a service connecting EDI service providers in a more efficient manner.

ECGrid was conceived and developed to specifically service the needs of Value Added Networks and other electronic commerce service providers.

Our advanced host network, ECGrid® is the preferred interconnect and routing platform for large B2B Service Providers, B2B Cloud Commerce providers, such as SPS Commerce, Covalentworks, Energy Services Group,  Trubiquity, and many other well known names in SAAS multi-tenant supplier enabling hosted services and systems. Loren Data ECGrid client’s service thousands of EDI Mailboxes on their systems, provide first line, first rate support to their end-users, and rely on us to provide the backbone of their commerce network messaging.

We provide routed EDI Communications to X.400 providers, large retail hub systems, other electronic commerce service providers and, of course, VANs. We provide a full suite of connection oriented protocols: FTP, As2, VPN, and gateways to secure SMTP and X.400. The crown jewel is our Web Services API, ECGridOS.

ECGridOS is the only real, commerce quality EDI network management API in the business…no other VAN allows the richness of programmable functions for creating virtual EDI networks complementary to your hosted services. Like a real OS, ECGridOS can be used to create accounts, mailboxes, sessions, interconnects, and rich reports – and more – from within your code. Compare the flexibility of ECGridOS to VAN-illa FTP and AS2, compare the reliability and automated error recovery – you will be convinced.

ECGridOS is the industry’s only software programmable EDI Communications Delivery Platform, and currently, the only way to integrate EDI Communications into a software stack, cloud platform, or SAAS infrastructure. Whether an on-premises ERP system, or a mega B2B SAAS host, if integrated trading partner management is your goal,  ECGridOS is the best platform.

Get a full appreciation for the ECGridOS API by perusing the API Docs at  Free Developer Accounts are available.

Concert At The Stanley Decades in the Making

Ancien Hippie

It was 34 years ago that three bands gathered at Utica, New York’s Stanley Center For The Arts for a performance that was meant to last one night. But the legacy of that show continued through the years – a reminder of the community that a venue such as the Stanley can create.

Those three groups — the Todd Hobin Band, The Justice McBride Band and The Dust Devil Band — took the stage at the Stanley once again March 21, 2015.

When the three bands originally appeared on the old stage in 1981 they did so to help keep the theater open. So when the theater again found itself in need, Jerry Kraus, executive director of the Stanley, thought it would be cool to round up the original members for another fundraiser.

“We understand that this place (the Stanley) has a cut of history, so it’s a great opportunity…

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Trenton Falls combines scenic vistas with historic lineage



t was a place where John Quincy Adams, Ulysses S. Grant, Charles Dickens and other notables kicked off their boots to relax among high society. Now it’s a place where families and friends can come and enjoy nature and the view. For three weekends all year, the Trails of Trenton Falls will open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Read More About Trenton Falls Openings

Picture of Trenton Falls courtesy of Harvard University

Came across a story written in 1925 by J. Lyman Gollegty, Utica Gas and Electric Co.

The western entrance to the Mohawk Valley is a center of great industrial activity. Its past has been crowned with great achievements. So great an authority as Roger Babson has predicted that this section of New York State is bound to become the manufacturing center of the United States. Naturally enough one wonders just why this is…

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What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About EDI

Picture appears courtesy of Giulia Forsythe.  This week’s blog was written by Kristen Kearns, Manager of EDI Services for Aurora Technologies.  Lots of people search for information on Wikipedia, don’t they?  What Wikipedia doesn’t tell you about EDI, could hurt you!  Or hurt your business.  Read on to get the 411.

First off, Wikipedia talks about Standards in EDI.  EDI standards are not the “be all end all” of a successful EDI operation.  I’ve seen all types of variations to the Standards.  This runs the gamut from data not being where it’s supposed to be to not following element code standards or putting too long or too short data in data elements, etc.  How do you work around this?  If you have a robust EDI solution, such as Liaison’s Delta/ECS, you could have separate maps for each trading partner accommodating for those variations.

Wikipedia talks about Specifications for the data to be transmitted and they discuss that larger trading partners are usually unwilling to modify their business practices.  So what happens if you cannot meet their guidelines?  Do you have a way to create a work around?  Can you save data on the way in, keeping in mind that it needs to be returned on the documents you have to send back to the trading partner?  Over the last few years, I’ve been seeing that the PO detail line number often needs to be returned.  The partner wants their line number, not yours. If your ERP resequences the line numbers based on item number order, that could be an issue.

Another situation we encounter often that Wikipedia doesn’t talk about is when a Trading Partner makes changes but doesn’t inform you OR tells you the day/week of the change which doesn’t give you enough time to prepare.  Then you are scrambling to accommodate those changes to keep data flowing properly and maybe more importantly, to maintain your trading partner relationships.  Great communication works both ways.  Make sure you let your trading partners know well in advance if you’re going to be making some changes on your end.

What happens if you don’t have a way to transmit data the way your trading partners wants you to.  What if your trading partners wants AS2 (such as the case with Walmart and many others) and you don’t have that capability?  That’s just another reason to make sure your EDI software can accommodate the latest and greatest transmission methods.

Something I ran into recently, was that the VAN that a client is using was replacing certain characters in the data that was being sent in from a trading partner.  The partner didn’t know why we weren’t getting what they sent.  This took a lot of digging.  That’s my most important tip of the day – you need to look at all touch points of the data!

Click here to see a case study on how we helped Print Media go from zero EDI capability to a fully integrated and efficient EDI operation.