Passenger 1956: All Kinds Of Cool Stuff On Eastern Railroads, even “Travel Tailored Schedule Plan”

Recently I was searching for a reference on the New York Central about “Travel Tailored Schedule Plan”. Could not find anything except the The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society All other years in Pennsylvania RR history are available.
Now, the greatest thing! They cover news about other railroads the PRR once owned or merged with. Let’s start with the reference I was looking for:

October 28, 1956 After a 2-year study, the New York Central introduces its “Travel Tailored Schedule Plan”, an attempt to rationalize local and medium distance passenger service. The plan features short, fast trains with no head-end cars and few sleepers. Intermediate stops at smaller stations are curtailed.

Jan. 1, 1956 Perlman changes NYC organization of Transportation, Maintenance of Way and Maintenance of Equipment from its traditional departmental form with vertical lines of authority to line-and-staff system used on PRR since 1860s.; changes implemented with advice from American Management Association; four regions renamed Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Districts, each under a General Manager; traditional Traffic (solicitation) Dept. abolished and replaced with separate “Sales & Service” organizations for freight and passengers; Market Research section established. (AR, Guide)
Jan. 9, 1956 “Aerotrain” No. 1001 placed on display at Grand Central Terminal  for three days; viewed by 55,000.
Jan. 11, 1956 “Aerotrain” No. 1001 derails in Park Avenue tunnel at 50th Street while being towed to Mott Haven Yard on NYC en route to display at Albany; New Haven’s Owl delayed for four hours. (NYT)
Jan. 13, 1956 New York PSC orders reopening investigation of NYC’s poor on-time performance; management says is mostly long-distance trains that are late.
Jan. 18, 1956 Patrick McGinnis forced out of New Haven  presidency by directors; under McGinnis, earnings rose at expense of deferred maintenance ($36 million in 1955 vs. $52 million in 1953); McGinnis becomes Pres. of Boston & Maine. (Humphrey, Doughty)
Feb. 11, 1956 Thomas M. Goodfellow announces that Long Island RR has added 17,000 seats in last 18 months; 170 cars rebuilt and all 222 cars on order to be delivered by Apr. 1956. (NYT)
Mar. 21, 1956 New York Central Transport Company incorporated to perform truck pick up-and-delivery for LCL, mail and express traffic. (MB)
May 16, 1956 NYC christens its new “Train-X” The Xplorer at Cleveland, followed by press run to Cincinnati; reveals poor riding quality and revenue service set for next day is delayed; train features a special BLH locomotive with a 1,000 HP Maybach diesel engine with hydraulic transmission; planned rear unit is dropped for economy, thus destabilizing the train; loss of bi-directionality results in high costs for turning equipment. (Doughty)
May 17, 1956 LIRR discontinues experimental East Ender RDC service to Riverhead and Easthampton; cars later reassigned to Babylon-Patchogue “Scoot” service.
May 24, 1956 Robert R. Young  has X-plorer used to carry 385 stockholders from New York to Albany for NYC annual meeting. (AR)
June 3, 1956 NYC version of “Train-X” begins revenue service between Cleveland and Cincinnati as The Ohio Xplorer on 5:30 schedule. (Doughty, Guide)
June 5, 1956 LIRR Class G5 No. 38, last LIRR steam locomotive, delivered to Carriage House Museum in Stony Brook, N.Y. (NYT)
June 6, 1956 NYC announces completion of its electronic car reporting and accounting system using teletypes and IBM punched card machines; had been in operation for several weeks on Eastern District and now extended to Western District. (NYT)
June 28, 1956 New York City Transit Authority (Independent Subway)  begins operating over former LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch from Aqueduct to Rockaway Park and Far Rockaway. (George)
June 29, 1956 President Eisenhower signs Federal-Aid Highway Act authorizing construction of a 41,000-mile, limited access Interstate Highway system; federal government contributes 90% of cost of Interstates; establishes Highway Trust Fund. (EAH)
 Aug. 16, 1956 John W. Barriger III  named President of Pittsburgh & Lake Erie.
Sep. 16, 1956 NYC assigns “Girls of the Century”, airline type stewardesses, to replace male secretaries on Twentieth Century Limited
. (NYT, Guide)
Oct. 1956 New Haven takes delivery of first of McGinnis’s lightweight trains, the Pullman-Standard “Train-X” Dan’l Webster ; styled by Modernist architect Marcel Breuer (1902-1981); plans to place in service by Dec. with 4:00 New York-Boston running time, to be reduced later. (NYT, AR)
1956 PRR excludes Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton from bidding on a diesel order for the first time; a few weeks later Baldwin closes part of Eddystone and exits locomotive business. ( , Brown)

Passenger 1957: All Kinds Of Cool Stuff On Eastern Railroads, even the REVERSAL of “Travel Tailored Schedule Plan”



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