The Long, Vital History Of David Beckham’s Stadium Site, The First Port Of Miami


[Photo via State Archives of Florida: Florida Memory]

Seth H. Bramson is the Company Historian of the Florida East Coast Railway, and thus the perfect person to tell the story of the FEC’s Miami docks, Miami’s original port, and that port’s last remaining boat slip.

It appears, to many people, that the “next” desired location for David Beckham’s soccer stadium is what looks like nothing more than open water between the AmericanAirlines Arena and Museum Park. This boat slip however, is akin to sacred ground, for it is the last remaining evidence of the original Henry Flagler-built P & O Steamship Company docks and Florida East Coast Railway terminal on the east side of what is now Biscayne Boulevard, and Miami’s first port.

What is now known as the FEC Slip would have been between piers 4 and 5, those being the FEC piers. (The pier numbering, when the Port of Miami was hard by Biscayne Boulevard, began with Number 1, adjacent to the old Belcher Oil Company fuel terminal just south of NE 15th Street. The Seaboard Railroad served piers 1, 2 and 3, the FEC 4 and 5).

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