Mill Steel to establish facility at rail-served Indiana port in Jeffersonville, IN


Mill Steel Co. announced plans to launch operations at the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville on the Ohio River.

Mill Steel purchased a 105,000-square-foot facility at the port and immediately expects to add 120,000 square feet to the building. To be operational in June, the facility will house two state-of-the-art slitting lines in addition to a cut-to-length line, which will expand the company’s service capabilities, Mill Street officials said in a press release.

Served by CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern Railway and the Louisville & Indiana Railroad Co., the port offers direct connections to multiple railroads. The three railroads also interchange with CN, Canadian Pacific, the Indiana Rail Road Co. and Paducah & Louisville Railway Inc.


In addition, the port offers year-round barge shipping with access to the Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes through the Ohio-Mississippi river system, Ports of Indiana officials said. The port is home to a ‘steel campus’ alliance of 13 businesses that work together to provide a range of metals-related synergies, they said.
“Mill Steel’s advanced manufacturing capabilities are a perfect fit for our multi-modal port environment,” said Ports of Indiana Chief Executive Officer Rich Cooper.

The Ports of Indiana — which also governs ports in Burns Harbor and Mount Vernon — helps businesses boost their logistics skills through direct rail-to-barge capabilities that are strategically located at the nation’s crossroads, said Indiana Secretary of Commerce Victor Smith.

Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville

The Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville is the fastest growing port on the Inland Waterway System. This intermodal transportation gateway is located on the northern bank of the Ohio River in Jeffersonville, Ind., directly across the river from Louisville, Ky. This location is within a one-day drive of more than two-thirds of the U.S. market and is adjacent to the “automotive and appliance alley.”

As you may know, we have written extensively about the “Big 4” Bridge in Jeffersonville and are very interested in the economic progress of the region.



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