Gezellig: Why Amsterdam is so damn cozy!

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

There are several reasons why Amsterdam has slowly but surely captured my heart: It has beautiful scenery, friendly inhabitants, interesting culture and history – not to forgot the amazing snapjes cuisine! For the seven months that I have now been living here, I can honestly say that I am very happy that (of all the lovely cities out there) Amsterdam is my home for now.

Amsterdam on a rainy, beautiful day

Beautiful Scenery
Everywhere you go in Amsterdam, you literally run into channels and parks. For someone like me who loves the nature, a stunning scenery is never dull! Even if Amsterdam is a smaller big city, it’s big enough to go explore and discover something new often. There are many areas around Amsterdam, all characterised by something unique. However, there’s no doubt that my favourite area is Jordaan: If I had the money, I would move there immediately. Filled with decorated, old truly Dutch houses…

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Too The Trees (A Soldiers Prayer For Survival On The Battlefield)

Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world

To the trees my Captain says

Across this open grass of green

Assorted flowers blooming from the spring rains

Will they be the last thing I see or smell

Will a gray pill be the last thing that I feel

Cross hairs locked upon my brain

Are the tree’s Benign

Or will this effort to reach them

Leave my bones among the flowers, the death of me

Do I run as fast as I can, my breath held in prayer

Or do I play the coward run slow use my brothers as a shield

Letting them taste first the breath of Hell

If in the trees it is waiting there

To the trees

Should we low crawl chins in the mud

Will we look like a fool if we do

Will we die in this field of green if we don’t

Life is a war, every breath is a chance

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Transparency And Truth In Charlotte


Wednesday evening, and into the wee hours of Thursday morning, I watched the news from Charlotte, mostly on MSNBC, occasionally clicking over to CNN.

A couple of criticisms of the cable TV news coverage come to mind:

— First, throughout the night, MSNBC covered the news on the street as it happened, in real time. However, the network replayed video of the most dramatic parts of the evening’s civil unrest many times as the hours passed. Showing the worst, most dramatic parts of the protest over and over had the effect of making brief incidents appear to be continuing throughout the evening. The news is bad enough, no need to make it look even worse. I’m not sure to what extent CNN also replayed video.

— Second, a major issue addressed by commentators and interviewees was transparency and truthfulness on the part of the Police Department. Much of the tragic shooting of a black citizen by a…

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By: Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare

A police officer in Jackson, Georgia who made-up a story about being shot by a black man faces four felony charges, including giving false statements to police, because on September 13, police officer Sherry Hall claimed that while on patrol around 12am, according to her report she saw a” 6ft tall, 230 lbs black man wearing a green shirt and black jogging pants”, loitering on the side of the street.

She claimed that “after she exited the vehicle, he became very argumentative” which led to him pulling out a gun and shooting her in the lower part of her vest.

As the Georgia Bureau of Investigation started to investigate officer Hall’s case, her story immediately began to unravel, it soon became obviously to them that officer Hall fabricated the entire story, no doubt placing the well-being of many black men in that area, in danger of…

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The Manchurian Candidate (2004)


Is this your life? Look closely… it might not be real after all!

the-manchurian-candidate Paramount Pictures and Scott Rudin Productions in association with Clinica Estetico present…

From Richard Condon who wrote the novel in 1959, a political thriller that was first set on the big screen with the same title in 1962. A story that encompasses a descendant in a family of politicians who was enlightened to be the next Vice-President of the United States. Backed up in his political campaign by a massive international organization named the Manchurian Global, they embark on providing funds for inhumane activities that will shape the world forever!

Tina Sinatra, daughter of the late “Ol’ Blue Eyes” Frank Sinatra who starred in the original film is the current Producer for the 2004 screen adaptation. Casting by Kathleen Chopin (Arlington Road) and Laura Rosenthal (Chicago) was dead spot on in choosing the best talent for the…

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Achieve Peace of Mind as an Employer by Covering These Bases


Peace of mind is invaluable in the world of business. You need to know that your business isn’t about to make a costly mistake that could cause it to sink. There are so many things waiting to trip you and your business up these days. You need to know how to navigate these potential problems and keep your business as secure as it can be. The key bases that you will need to cover are outlined and discussed below.

Health and Safety Obligations

Every employer is obliged to make sure that it’s possible for their employees to do their jobs safely. Health and safety is no longer something that can be just be dismissed or ignored. It’s a real issue, and when businesses fail to comply with health and safety regulations, action is taken. There are two forms of action that can hit your business. For a start, authorities can…

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