More On Plans To Expand Service To Sacramento With The San Joaquins

Ambitious Plan!


By Noel T. Braymer

I recently received an email from RailPAC member Doug Kerr who often attends meetings of the San Joaquin Joint Powers Agency (SJJPA). He attended the latest meeting on July 28, 2017 in Sacramento. Doug Kerr emailed me a copy of the agenda of this meeting after my post about plans to extend rail passenger service to Sacramento. On the agenda was the planning to extend service to Sacramento using the UP Sacramento line. This is the line that doesn’t have connections to the Sacramento Valley Station used by all the other Amtrak trains and Thruway Buses. By going to the SJJPA  website I was able copy several of the PowerPoint slides presented at the July 28th meeting of their current planning for expanded service to Sacramento. Many of the plans they presented closely resembled conclusions I had made including the need for more stations between Stockton…

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2nd Ave. Subway Lures Foreign Investors — Especially Chinese — to Yorkville


The power of good transit is not merely one of the most important factors for New Yorkers when buying real estate — it also drives up interest of foreign buyers, as Yorkville is quickly seeing.

This quiet neighborhood on the Upper East Side, which had to endure years of construction clangs and clouds of dust during construction of the Second Avenue Subway, is undergoing rapid transformation since the new Q train stations opened this year, experts say.

Swanky residential towers rising in the area are attracting more families, as well as an influx in foreign buyers — especially from China — as brokers increasingly lure them to the neighborhood to take advantage of the lower price points relative to Downtown or even other parts of the Upper East Side.

“Yorkville really never has been on the map for them,” said broker Seth Levin, of Keller Williams TriBeCa. “It’s through educating…

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Elon Musk Is Building His Own Hyperloop


The Tesla and SpaceX CEO famously told the world about his super-fast, inter-city, train-in-a-tube concept, Hyperloop—then said that other people should build it. Fair enough: he is a busy guy. But he’s now decided to build the thing himself. The news was hinted at when Musk announced a “verbal government approval” for an underground Hyperloop from New York City to Washington D.C.—and a Bloomberg report last week added to the buzz—but it was only confirmed for the first time today by Wired.

Construction of the Hyperloop will be part of Musk’s side project, the Boring Company. Its premise is that a “large network of tunnels many levels deep would fix congestion in any city, no matter how large it grew.” There are some problems with the idea, but no matter: the company has already been digging its own tunnels in Los Angeles.

Speaking to Wired, a spokesperson from the Boring…

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The Time Tunnel


The great thing about having access to a TIME TUNNEL is that we are not confined to traveling along a strictly chronological timeline. If we so desire, we can jump forward, backward, or even sideways in time. That’s the beauty of the thing. In light of some current events, I’ve decided to leap forward a few decades. Bear with me. Next week’s edition will feature DOOMSDAY #2! The following article is actually a reprint. I first wrote this on July 28th, 2016, but it seems so relevant and even prophetic now.


I grew up in Cuthbert, Georgia, and although I wasn’t attuned to it in my youth, racial bias and prejudice were interwoven into the “colored” fabric of our lives there. In retrospect, I don’t see how I could have missed it but as I matured the signs became obvious.

Going into…

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East River tunnel plan: feasible or fantasy?


Think tank’s rail tunnel plan: feasible or fantasy?

It took a century to complete even a small piece of the Second Avenue subway. The ARC rail tunnel project was canceled after work began. The quest to build the Gateway tunnel has been dragging on. East Side Access, which was once expected to have connected the LIRR to Grand Central by now, is still about six years away. And the cross-harbor rail freight tunnel, after 30 years of advocacy from Rep. Jerrold Nadler, remains just a hope.

Yep. Building train tunnels around here is hard.

So what did the Regional Plan Association propose yesterday? Two new rail tunnels under the East River.

But anyone who mocks the idea as fantasy should consider the list of big RPA ideas that have been ridiculed over the last few decades only to eventually come to fruition, including the George Washington and Verrazano bridges; open…

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Tesla Technology Put To Use In L.A. Tunnel Project


Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is known for its electric cars, batteries, and solar panel innovations, but its drivetrain technology is also being put to use in an unexpected place: underground.

CEO Elon Musk’s pet project, The Boring Company, is using Tesla technology to help dig test tunnels in Los Angeles:

After several announcements of upcoming large scale projects, like a network of tunnels under Los Angeles and an underground hyperloop between New York and Washington DC, the company is now presenting its R&D tunnel project underneath Hawthorne.

They plan to test boring techniques in the tunnel as well as Tesla’s autonomous driving and powertrain technologies on electric platforms to move vehicles.

In April, Musk’s new startup took delivery of their first boring machine and started digging in the parking lot of SpaceX’s headquarters.

Musk has described The Boring Company’s purpose as solving “the problem of soul-destroying traffic.” What began as a…

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