All aboard for the new Rochester train station


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It was only supposed to be a temporary solution. Thirty-seven years after the Rochester train station was built, construction is now near completion for a new hub for Amtrak and CSX and an enhanced traveling experience for passengers.

Together with area business owners, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, D-Fairport, led a tour of the new train station that’s slated to be completed in a few weeks. She helped secure a $15 million grant from the Federal Railroad Administration to help fund the expansion.

The remodel was much needed to help grow businesses and to serve the entire community, Slaughter said.

“Our community is blessed to be close to so many major cities and this new state-of-the-art, ADA-compliant station will help move goods and people where they need to go and encourage new companies to open their doors right here in Monroe County,” Slaughter said.


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Anderson New Amtrak CEO


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Amtrak CEO Wick Moorman is stepping down at the end of the year, and will be replaced by former Delta CEO Richard Anderson, according to knowledgeable sources and confirmed Monday by Amtrak.

The two men will serve as co-CEOs until the end of December.

Anderson, a 62-year-old former prosecutor from Texas, rose through the ranks of the airline industry to become CEO of Delta in 2007, just as it was leaving bankruptcy.

By the time Moorman steps down, he will have served roughly a year and a half as Amtrak’s CEO.

Moorman is himself a private sector transportation “icon,” said Amtrak chairman Tony Coscia. Both he and Moorman said it was always their plan for Moorman to be a temporary CEO.

“When I came to Amtrak, I had a clear understanding with my wife about how long I could do it,” Moorman said. “And in fact…

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Historic RAF Halton to Close in 2022.

Aviation Trails

RAF Halton, currently used for basic training of new recruits, is set to close in 2022 following the Ministry of Defence’s announcement that it was having to save £140 million over the next ten years.

Halton is also used by the Specialist Training School, which is part of No 22 (Training) Group, which provides training in all three areas of: Environmental Management, Health and Safety and Quality Management for the Royal Air Force.

At Halton, new recruits go through a range of activities over a 9 week period including: general knowledge, fitness, inspections, arms instructions and of course P.T. etc,. The course culminates, for those successful candidates, in a graduation parade.

RAF Halton has its roots prior to the First World War, when the then land owner, Alfred de Rothschild, allowed the Army to use the land for manoeuvres. After a short while, the RFC (No. 3 Sqn) arrived with a small…

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By M. E. Singer

Denial of economic reality persists in the formulation of the infrastructure program, with our hopes riding on a confused, diverted Congress. Why does it continue to so blatantly appear that our transportation policy is being formulated by non-transparent think tanks and their acolytes now in powerful positions to dutifully carry out these dictated, one dimensional policies? As we should have learned by now, not every program benefiting the general public can be better run in the private sector, as exemplified by the demise of the pay toilet.

How is it that this current federal government can propose to simply turning over the extensive investment by the taxpayer into the air traffic control system since 1956, gratis, to the private firm to assume that role? At least when Amtrak was formed, the private railroads were required to transfer to the new federal corporation their rolling stock, locomotives…

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Comments On Mark Tomlinson’s NY Central Dates


June 23, 1831 The Boston & Worcester Railroad Corporation incorporates in Massachusetts. It is the oldest element of the New York Central system in New England. See more on the formation of the Boston & Albany Railroad.

June 23, 1954 Robert Heller & Associates present the result of their passenger train study to representatives of the Pennsylvania, New York Central and Baltimore & Ohio railroads. The study finds that passengers are leaving trains for automobiles and airplanes and the railroads are unable to price their services by cost because so many of the rates are frozen by regulations. The railroads decline to follow any of the study’s recommendations to consolidate long-distance trains. Most of the study’s recommendations will be made under Amtrak.
Interesting since June 1954 is when Robert Young became new CEO of the NY Central.

June 22, 1918 In Hammond IN, a Michigan Central engineer taking an…

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What Are The Options For Palm Springs Rail Service?


By Noel T. Braymer

Riverside County has as a priority the creation of passenger rail service with 2 to 3 roundtrips in the next couple of years or so between Los Angeles and Palm Springs/Indio. All of this will hinge on the cooperation of the Union Pacific. Commuter service was suppose to be running between Santa Barbara and Ventura County several years ago and there is still work ongoing for this project. But the main sticking point has been the Union Pacific. For that matter, efforts to expand service along the entire Coast Line between Los Angeles and San Jose have been in the works for over 20 years. But Union Pacific has usually not been interested, or seen this as a priority for them. So what can this mean for service to Palm Springs?

The LOSSAN Joint Powers Authority is the main body coordinating start up of Palm Springs…

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The state of the New York subway: transit experts weigh in



Every day, it seems as though there’s another instance in which the New York City subway fails massively—and, impossibly, the aftermath of those problems also seems to be getting worse. Perhaps you heard about the ride in which a train was stalled for so long that a guy hopped out of the train and walked the tracks to the next station? (Don’t do that, by the way.) Or the one in which commuters were stuck on a train, sans electricity or air conditioning, for over an hour?

Granted, subway breakdowns also seem to be getting more attention thanks to the rise of social media. There are more ways than ever to document when problems happen, and more voices that are ready and willing to broadcast them, which leads to the question: Is subway service actually getting worse, or are more people paying attention now?

Bad news: It’s…

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