My Apartment Is 69 Square Feet

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My apartment is 69 square feet.

I know this because I measured it myself.

I live in New York City and my apartment is 69 square feet.

I have officially lost it.

I have officially lost it because I know that my apartment is 69 square feet and yet I am somehow okay with that.

I’m okay with that even though I’ve watched YouTube videos about people with 70 sq ft or 90 sq ft apartments in NYC, and I laughed at how dumb they sounded talking about how great their tiny, DUMB apartments were.

“I prefer a small space – it’s so cozy – really great!”

“I don’t mind sitting sideways on the toilet to avoid my knees hitting the wall. You totally get used to it!”

Or they crawl up the ladder to their lofted bed and lie down and there’s an inch between them and the ceiling and they…

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Owning More With Less

Supply Chen Management

We can choose to have anything, but we cannot choose to have everything.  This is the basis of economics, where there are unlimited wants in a world with limited resources.  How is it possible to own more, do more, impact more, with less?

In today’s culture, where we are pounded by advertisements virtually every minute of our lives, they tell us to buy.  They tell us “this is the item you didn’t know you needed”.  Is this true?  If so, how did millions of people live without this supposed life changing invention?  Some inventions are truly groundbreaking: electricity, internet, 3-D printers, mobile phones, etc.  However, the vast majority of products are created with one thought in mind: profit.  How do you communicate to the masses to purchase this product?  Advertisements & Marketing.

It’s a numbers game.  Create a product, then market to thousands, if not millions of people.  If 5%…

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Dunsfold seek Designation for a Conservation Area

Aviation Trails

As previously mentioned, Dunsfold airfield has been the subject of a planning proposal and it has been brought to my attention that this has now gone through. Permission has being granted for the construction of some 1,800 homes. However, in order that some of the buildings can be saved, the Dunsfold Airfield History Society are seeking designation of the site as a conservation area.

In addition to this, Historic England are also looking at listing 10 of the buildings on the site, thus protecting them for future generations, and together, these moves may help save some of these historic features before it is too late.

You can help by registering support as soon as possible on the  on the Dunsfold Airfield History Society site at:

Waverley Council have produced a map showing the extent of the site and the proposed conservation area.

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Eye Witness Account – Leyte

Pacific Paratrooper

Leyte-Patrol Leyte patrol

These events took place in November 1944, therefore please do not be offended by any offensive language.

This was written by Pfc Deane Edward Marks, Light Machine-Gun (LMG) Platoon/HQ2/11th Airborne Division.  From “No One Smiled On Leyte,” published in the “Voice of the Angels” newspaper, Matt Underwood, Editor.

“…It was still raining.  We had no idea where we were going.  Someone mentioned Ormoc, wherever that was.  We heard that somewhere ahead, part of the C/511th was surrounded by the Nips.  We didn’t have any idea what the hell was going on.  After a day or two of walking, we arrive where the C/5511 had been.  Now, I see my first dead man, he was a trooper.  Now I realize what was going on.  It was real, real.  Somehow the mud seemed wetter, the rain colder and the stomach emptier.

Type 96 LMG

“…every now and then…

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Champion of the Rapids

Windows into History

niagaraSnippets 106.  Charles Richard Weld (1813-1869) was assistant secretary and librarian to the Royal Society, and is best known for his history of the society, published in 1848. Between 1850 and 1867 he wrote a series of travel journals, one of which was A Vacation Tour in the United States and Canada, published in 1854. He was inspired to write this volume by his half-brother’s visit to the same continent between 1795 and 1797 (published as Weld’s Travels in America) and a desire to see how things had changed over the intervening half-century. The following quote concerns his visit to Niagara Falls, where he learnt just what a dangerous place it could be.

The terrific power of the rapids was made very apparent by a circumstance which happened a short time previous to my visit. A large barge, used for navigating Lake Erie, had, by some miscalculation…

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Deleted Scene / Old Souls

J. A. Allen


Authors are often forced to cut entire scenes. These cuts are usually made in the name of improving the pace of the story as a whole, or to simplify an overly complicated plot. I’ve written many, many, (many) scenes for Old Souls that no one else will *ahem* EVER see, and that’s okay. Writing them helped me figure out what didn’t work so I could focus on what would.

That said, I’m hoping that practice helps.

Because Old Souls is a fantasy novel populated by immortal characters, figuring out where to begin the story was exceptionally difficult. And I can prove it. I have a thumb drive filled with twenty-seven first chapters . . . and thirteen prologues. When I finally decided on where to begin the book, I cut eight chapters, 30,000 painstakingly edited words, and hundreds of hours of work from the manuscript. Gone was the scene where attackers descended upon an ancient city, separating Lucien from the black-haired woman. The scene where…

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