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Jonas Burgwinkel drums Benoît Delbecq piano, synthesizer Petter Eldh bass


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By the Mighty Mumford

For our town’s May election,

Presenting an odious selection…

We wonder if

It’s political grift,

Done by greedy direction…?

They SAY a lot will shut down,

Unless our wills to theirs are thrown…

Didn’t hear any say

they’d reduce their pay,

A BIG REASON the budget’s grown!

–Jonathan caswell

An Opinion Post–ah, town politics!

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EDI Gap Analysis

The EDI Information Page

Gap Analysis is an integral part of any EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) implementation, as well as any replacement to a company’s existing software base. Analysts need to identify points where there is a difference between the existing solution and the replacement software.

When it comes to EDI, there are identification code qualifiers that are frequently either not present or do not match existing codes already in use with a particular document or perhaps data currently sent that a “Trading Partner” (EDI term for a supplier / customer / etc) is not making use of or perhaps data that a Trading Partner needs that’s not currently being sent with your existing solution. Or perhaps it’s the other way around and you’re the one receiving the data. There’s also the issue of which EDI transaction set to use to represent your document and also which EDI standard set to use. If you’re…

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Ghosts: A Haunted Southern Mansion!

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers! This is one of my better finds!  You have to take a few moments to read on…but not if you’re feeling edgy… What would you do if you stayed in a truly haunted house?  My Louisiana Ghost Story: Alone, Overnight, in a Haunted House | Reader’s Digest

Photo:  By ProfReader [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons

For ghosts and ever so much more, please see


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Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

I want to revisit this post from two years ago with no changes at all.  We should have known we would get to where we are now, and if we had looked up from our phones for a moment we might have seen it.

If you want to learn everything about someone, just become friends with them on facebook. The details often go beyond their birthday, city of birth, and even mother’s maiden name – things you would need to pull of an identity theft. You may know when they are out of town, their religious and political beliefs, and far more.

Not long ago many people would sit down at a meal and pause for a moment to give thanks, perhaps making the sign of the cross with their hands. Today those hands might raise their phone, posting a picture on facebook. Yes, you’ll even know what someone had…

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