What Is Musk’s Boring Company Planning?


By Noel T. Braymer

What ever it is, its not rapid transit. The Boring Company which is controlled by Elon Musk along with Tesla, Solar City, Hyperloop and Space-X among others finally released their plans for what they want to do in Los Angeles County. The basic plan is to dig tunnels the size of sewer pipes- 12 feet in diameter, to mostly carry cars on a “skate”, which is an automated electric car without a car body running at speeds up to 125 miles per hour. To handle 2,000 vehicles an hour at roughly 65 miles per hour  on a freeway lane means cars running every 1.8 seconds apart. The basic idea is to build small thus cheaper tunnels to carry mostly cars quickly to bypass bumper to bumper traffic on existing freeways. The skate would eliminate human error and hopefully accidents. As part of this package, skates will…

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Attacking Clark Field


As 1945 opened in the Pacific Theater, the Allies were advancing through the Philippines. Their next major target would be a three-unit attack on the Japanese stronghold of Clark Field on January 7th. At the time, the Japanese had put more than 400 antiaircraft guns in the area, which would make the planned 120+ A-20 and B-25 raid more challenging. Three bomb groups, the 345th, 312th and 417th, would split into formations and fly an “X” pattern over Clark Field. Above them, two P-38 squadrons would keep an eye out for enemy planes.

Upon arriving at the mountain pass that stood between the crews and Clark Field, heavy clouds blocked their path. The formation split up in the thick clouds as pilots navigated through the pass, temporarily invisible to each other. Emerging on the other side of the clouds, the 312th’s flight leader, Lt. Joseph Rutter, and his wingman, Lt…

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NICOLE MITCHELL » Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds

Jazz You Too

Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble
avery r young: vocals
Kojiro Umezaki: shakuhachi
Nicole Mitchell: flute, electronics
Renée Baker: violin
Tomeka Reid: cello, banjo
Alex Wing: electric guitar, oud
Tatsu Aoki: bass, shamisen, taiko
Jovia Armstrong: percussion

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Chukku! Bukku!! Chukku! Bukku!!


Chukku! Bukku!! Chukku! Bukku!!

Historic steam engine from White Pass Yukon Route Railroad Skagway, Alaska.

Chukku! Bukku!! Chukku! Bukku!!

Chukku! Bukku!! came to town
People rushing to see train
Some buy tickets to go around
Station Master whistles – 3
Bell Rings 1 – Train at platform
Bell Rings 2 – Shall leave in few minutes
Bell Rings 3 – Shall leave in a minute
Chukku! Bukku!! Chukku! Bukku!!

Engine Driver Super Strong
Putting coal in fire
Though sweating shall not stop
Shhhhh sounds driver
Shhhhh sounds steam engine
Iron wheels revolve on rail,
Towns and cities, farms and forests passed over
Chukku! Bukku!! Chukku! Bukku!!

Place to place decades passed by
Whistles and horns of train
Set time for the world
Carried goods by the tons
People commuted to earn bread
Happy travellers saw world
Millions and Billions Miles it went
Chukku! Bukku!! Chukku! Bukku!!

Child on back, elders crawling, to imitate train
Entertained kith and kin
Oh! Now a…

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Train derailment closes Route 10, Route 372 in Plainville


A derailed freight train made for a tough morning in Plainville. No one was hurt, but there was some damage to the rush hour commute for some.

‘Tis the season for twinkling lights and ringing bells, but no one was full of good cheer around the area of Route 10 and New Britain Avenue. The lights and bells at the railroad crossing would not stop, because that derailed train could not go.

All the way up at the front of the train, some of the wheels on two locomotives and two tanker cars came slightly off the tracks around 3 a.m. That stopped the train from moving. Police say those tankers were holding a potentially explosive gas.

“There is some propane that they’re hauling but there is minimal safety concerns that the train will tip or the cars will tip or there will be any kind of leakage,” said Lt. Eric Peterson, spokesman for the Plainville Police Department. “Right now they have everything secured.”

That meant the situation was less a hazard, more of an annoyance, because the train stopped right across several busy streets. Crews pulled apart two cars in the middle of Route 10 so that people could at least walk through. School buses had to be diverted, but police said traffic did not get too bad.

“We were pretty good working with you guys trying to get people aware to avoid the center of Plainville and go to work a different route,” said Lt. Peterson. “It did back up a little bit, but we have officers controlling traffic boxes and trying to keep things moving.”

By 9:15, the train was moving again, too. Most of it, at least. They unhooked the two derailed cars and left them behind so crews could continue to work on them.


Jazz You Too

The night was rather cold and rainy, the kind of thin penetrating rain that never stops, I had to walk a small distance after having parked the car, enough to be almost soaked to the skin – I guess an umbrella would have avoided it – waited for a while to buy my ticket, climbed the stairs heading to the magnificently full of art room and waited for the duo to start its performance. All was clear when the guitars resonated with sounds chosen by the brothers’ passion for what they were doing – when it ended I guess everybody felt how their inner balance was affected – readier to face whatever it had to be faced.

Outside the rain had stopped, some people were walking along the streets unaware of what they have missed –  I was getting inside the car when the rain started again …

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HARP Hyperloop Meeting

Some great takeaways!


HARP HyperloopOn December 6th the non-profit organization Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership (HARP) organized a conference in New York City. The title of the conference was The Hyperloop: Promises and Challenges. There were 75 attendees  —  the meeting was sold out.

Most of the meeting, which was chaired by HARP’s President, Dane Egli, consisted of a panel discussion followed by a question and answer session. Panel members were:

  • Sebastien Gendron, CEO & Co-founder of TransPod Hyperloop
  • Rebecca Leonard, President of Hypernet Holding Corporation (HHC)
  • Bibop G. Gresta, Chairman & Co-Founder of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT)
  • Rick Geddes, Professor of Policy Analysis, Cornell University & Director of the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy (CPIP)

As many readers of this blog know I started to look into the feasibility of hyperloop in order to find out if this new technology could create an end run around the problems to do with our…

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With help from Penney Vanderbilt