Victorians and Their Cats


Recently I’ve been reading about the life and work of Charles Burton Barber (1845-1894), artist and member of the Royal Academy who specialised in paintings of family pets. Barber even painted several  commissions for Queen Victoria. Naturally, though, this research led to a parallel trawl through some of the most amusing images of Victorians and their cats:

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The ‘Satanic Guaranty’ !!

**Mr. Moonlight Flippflopp**





If you are planning to get married, I guess, there is… one universally accepted norm / procedure / protocol :

1. Fall in love ( why “fall”, is there any secret pointer here ? It should be “rise” no ? ).

2. Propose.

3. If accepted, then fix the date and do it – tie the knot !!

In some cases though, it is not even love, it can be a simple crush, lust or infatuation …etc…, mistaken…for Love !!

Is that all ?

To me it all seems so incomplete.

Love is an emotion and emotions, like an old man’s blood pressure, are never constant.

Shaky, always…fluctuating. If it is constant then it is not love, emotions can not be constant… !!

When the base is shaky, can the building be stable ? 

As the love keeps on fluctuating, so does the marriage.

No doubt, Love is a very…

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Frames Of Reference

The Arts Mechanical

When people first started to fly, an important question emerged.  The question was “which way was up?” That seems like and easy question to answer, but when you are flying around in an airplane in a fog, it becomes more complicated. Here’s what aircraft in the early days of flight looked like.

Here’s an early instrument panel.  At this time, the only way of knowing which way was up was a spirit level that is in the middle of the panel. Which is fine if you can see the ground or don’t roll too far.  The problem with a spirt level as a roll indicator was that force other than gravity could affect it.  Since an aircraft in a turn encounters centripetal forces this was a large issue as aircraft performance increased during WW1. Also while a level could show roll, it couldn’t show pitch witch could be a bad thing…

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Abundance of happiness

Words dipped in Happiness

When people think of life as a deal, it becomes more complex situation which we cannot deal with.

Deal is something in which we give away something to receive something else. But on the other hand, Life is always about giving and spreading happiness.

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Time is a place. There are three different regions in this place and there are even boundaries to them which we have thinned down by our ignorance. Those regions are past, present and future. We all live in the ‘present’ region of time. We cannot change the situations in past region (our past) and cannot predict what is going on in the future region (our future). So how can we make a deal with these places! How can we export our happiness to the past, where there will be no one to utilize it and how can we import expectations from…

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By the Mighty Mumford

Come away with me Sweet,

To a place with breadfruit to eat…

I’ve not tasted

It  won’t be wasted,

But you are my ultimate treat!

Giving time for hands

Exploring wonderful lands…

Soft yet salty

Heart beats vaulting,

No one watches from the stands!

Thus appreciating minds

Our growing desire reclines…

Closer growing

Inward going,

For stiffening excitement we’re taking time.

Thinking ’bout THIS for  hours,

Necessitates long cold showers…!

Cannot endure

Until exploring your

Paradise for wondrous hours!!!!!


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With help from Penney Vanderbilt


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